CIC Partners’ portfolio of investments consists of business in our focal industries – food, restaurant & retail, energy, and healthcare services.


Continental Structural Plastics
Designer and integrator of intelligent automation systems for order fulfillment

Activa Resources
East Texas oil and gas exploration and development company
CIC Minerals
Aggregator of Working Interest and Minerals in resource plays

Continental Structural Plastics
Manufacturer of structural plastic components for auto industry
Modern American upscale casual restaurant chain

Niche portion-control and packaged food supplier

Oil and gas acquisition and production company

Energy explorer focused on international resource plays
Leading supplier of frozen bakery products

Family friendly craft beer-centric restaurant chain

Prospect origination and oil and gas investment company
Tiff's Treats
Innovative "baked-to-order" warm cookie delivery concept

A leading regional fast casual restaurant concept



Darling Delaware Company

Sierra Technologies