Roger Enrico / CIC Partners Announce Buy-Side Search

Enrico Investments LLC, in partnership with CIC Partners LP, is interested in making a major equity investment. The ideal investment candidate is a company that has proven its viability, but needs additional capital and strategic leadership to fulfill its long-term financial goals.

Industry targets for Enrico Investments LLC include:
  • Restaurant/Food Service
  • Consumer-Branded Products and Services
  • Specialty Retail
Desired attributes include:
  • Revenues of at least $20 million, demonstrating an established business with a validated concept
  • Clear potential to build to $200 million + within 5-7 years, providing opportunity for growth
  • Proven consumer brand with a highly unique product/service offering, confirming a clear competitive advantage for the company
  • Solid operating margins and cash flow, with the potential to be excellent
  • Strong, existing management team that needs expansion capital and/or improvements in consumer marketing and financial engineering
  • Located in the Southwestern United States, preferably Texas-based, allowing for hands-on involvement to shape and grow the business
  • Open to both majority and minority investments and co-investment with other financial sponsors
If you see any investment opportunities that meet these criteria, please feel free to contact Aaron Enrico at 214-871-6861, or at

About Enrico Investments LLC

Enrico Investments LLC is the investment vehicle of Roger A. Enrico and Aaron J. Enrico. While Enrico Investments LLC is a stand-alone enterprise, both Roger and Aaron have recently joined CIC Partners LP in different capacities as well. Roger, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo and current Chairman of DreamWorks Animation, Inc., is an Advisory Partner with the firm. Aaron, formerly with McKinsey and Company and most recently with the U.S. Olympic Committee, is an Operator in Residence.

Media Contact
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