OmniSYS Launches Patient Adherence, Retention and Reacquisition Program

OmniSYS addresses diabetic patient adherence, high turnover and brand loyalty with OmniLINK Advantage™

Dallas, TX, December 7, 2011 – OmniSYS announces the launch of OmniLINK Advantage™, a high touch patient prescription adherence program. According to the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE), three out of four patients do not adhere to their physician’s prescribed treatment plan. OmniLINK Advantage™ increases adherence and improves medical outcomes through a series of patient interactions including customer care calls, refill reminders, and educational mailings.

The program’s high-touch patient interaction model is proven to increase diabetic patient market share and spend by approximately 30% through targeted adherence, retention, and reacquisition strategies.


Pharmacies turnover at least 35% of their diabetic patients each year. OmniLINK’s high-touch patient interaction model has proven to increase patient retention by over 30%. Specialized Customer Care Representatives guide patients through the Medicare maze and provide diabetes management support to ensure optimal outcomes thereby building customer loyalty.


OmniSYS’ patient reacquisition campaigns target lost patients and identify the reason they stopped treatment or left the Pharmacy and/or the Manufacturer. Customer Care Representatives reinforce the importance of testing, offer personalized meter training and diabetes management support. OmniSYS has consistently achieved win-back success rates of 35%.

“The OmniLINK Advantage™ program has proven to significantly improve prescription adherence for diabetic patients resulting in better health outcomes,” said Tricia Fringer, President and CEO of OmniSYS. “We are uniquely positioned to manage this type of program given our 25+ years of experience interacting with diabetic patients, pharmacies, and manufacturers.”

About OmniSYS

Founded nearly three decades ago, OmniSYS has emerged as the recognized leader in Medicare Part B claims reimbursement and compliance programs for pharmacies, managed care organizations and commercial retiree plans. Our current programs support more than 30,000 pharmacies nationwide, processing over 40 million Medicare claims annually.

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