OmniSYS Expands Diabetic Self-Management Training Billing Service to All 50 States

January 13, 2012 – Dallas, TX – OmniSYS announces the expansion of Diabetic Self-Management Training (DSMT) Medicare Part B billing services to include all 50 states. Medicare covers DSMT training services for beneficiaries to receive guidance related to all aspects of diabetes in order to increase their knowledge about their disease and learn how to exercise better control over their own health. OmniSYS billing services provide real-time transactional edits for Medicare eligibility, DSMT coverage limitations, allowable pricing and remittance processing.

OmniSYS’ DSMT product solution assists pharmacies in further expanding their role to serve the healthcare needs of diabetic patients. By providing preventative training, pharmacies are able to decrease healthcare costs for Medicare patients and improve their healthcare outcomes. To participate, a pharmacy’s DSMT program must be accredited by American Diabetes Association (ADA), the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) or Indian Health Services (IHS). “OmniSYS is excited to expand DSMT services as this service directly aligns with our strategy to develop effective healthcare solutions enabling our clients to achieve stronger patient medication adherence results,” said Tricia Fringer, OmniSYS’ President-CEO.

In a position statement, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has noted that multiple studies have found that Diabetes Self-Management Education “is associated with improved diabetes knowledge and improved self-care behavior, improved clinical outcomes such as lower A1C, lower self-reported weight, improved quality of life, healthy coping, and lower costs.” The ADA also cited studies finding that “diabetes education is associated with increased use of primary and preventive services and lower use of acute, inpatient hospital services. Patients who participate in diabetes education are more likely to follow best practice treatment recommendations, particularly among the Medicare population, and have lower Medicare and commercial claim costs.” Other studies provide similar support in terms of DSMT associated cost savings and DSMT associated positive diabetes health outcomes.
American Diabetes Association, Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes-2011, Diabetes Care, Volume 34, Supplement 1, January, 2011, at S22.

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OmniSYS, headquartered in Dallas, TX, offers a comprehensive product portfolio that streamlines medical claims management for Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance for pharmacies, managed care organizations, and commercial retiree plans. Our high touch patient adherence product solutions enable our clients to grow their business and improve medical outcomes for diabetic patients resulting in better health outcomes. Our current programs support more than 30,000 pharmacies nationwide, processing over forty million Medicare claims annually. OmniSYS’ proprietary system and comprehensive audit and compliance services are supported 24/7/365 by a world-class call center.

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