McAllen Facility Expands Combs Produce Capabilities

THE PACKER, April 5, 2012 – Dallas, TX - With a new sourcing and shipping service in McAllen, Texas, the third generation of the Combs family is expanding the reach of Combs Produce.

The Dallas-based company officially launched the new service in March. The McAllen operation provides Combs customers with additional sourcing and shipping options from Mexico, said Doug Dobbs, chief operating officer.

Combs customers had asked the company to consider procuring and shipping product directly from Mexico and south Texas. The McAllen expansion is Combs’ response to those requests.

“Because of our proximity and experience in Mexico we can now serve as a one-stop shop for customers,” Dobbs said April 5.

Dobbs said the 20,000-square-foot refrigerated McAllen facility had a bit of a slow start, partly because of recent tomato prices. But Combs officials are content to take a “slow and go approach.”

“We didn’t want to have a big bang launch because sometimes big bangs turn into big busts,” Dobbs said.

So, operations in McAllen will continue to be determined by the needs of Combs customers. The facility is handling Mexican tomatoes and avocados as well as chili and bell peppers.

The company supplies mainly an eight-state region, with its primary focus on foodservice customers, Dobbs said. Combs also supplies wholesalers and retailers, and with the McAllen operation it can now offer nationwide delivery for customers who need it.

Combs Produce, founded in 1958, began as a tomato packing business. In the decades since then it has evolved into a full-line distributor, handling dozens of varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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